We the People

We The People: Connecting Communities and Culture was a second annual tri-county event held on July 14th at Cut Bank City Park and was open to the public. Opportunities, Inc. had partnered with Alliance For Youth – Tool County and Honor Your Life – Blackfeet Reservation on this project in order to reach youth and families throughout that service area. The purpose of this event was to provide a safe and sober environment to families in the area, while providing traditional cultural activities and community resource materials. Families had access to abundant information like ParentingMT.org, SAMHSA items, and parenting curriculums. Several community agencies had reached out looking for ways to participate or support the event. This year we were able to see several more agencies contribute including Cut Bank Public Library, Glacier Community Health Center, Glacier County Volunteer Fire Department, and Indian Family Health Clinic while we had the continued support of Glacier County Health Department again this year. Businesses throughout the communities donated items that were provided to families through giveaways and door prizes. We are looking forward to continue to grow this event each year!

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