What are Ribbon Skirts and Shirts?

Ribbon skirts and shirts are important cultural garments for many Indigenous peoples, particularly in North America. They hold significant cultural, spiritual, and historical symbolism and are often worn during ceremonies, gatherings, and important events. 


The ribbon skirt is often seen as a symbol of Indigenous cultural identity and pride. The designs on the skirt, such as the colors and patterns of ribbons, can represent specific tribes, families, or spiritual beliefs. The act of creating and wearing a ribbon skirt can be a way for Indigenous peoples to connect with their roots, their ancestors, and their community.


Similarly, ribbon shirts are often adorned with colorful ribbons and intricate beadwork, representing cultural symbolism and heritage. Ribbon shirts can symbolize unity, pride, and resilience within Indigenous communities.


Ribbon skirts and shirts are important cultural expressions that help to preserve and celebrate Indigenous traditions, customs, and history. They serve as a powerful form of artistic and cultural expression for Indigenous peoples and play a crucial role in asserting and maintaining cultural identity.

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