What Kids are Really Saying

By Officer Gomez


Think your kids speak a different language sometimes? According to this list they do. Officer Gomez is a school resource officer who can “translate” for parents. He states, “I try to keep this list updated and relevant. High school kids who graduated last year say it’s already outdated and will disagree with some items on this list.” If your kids are using terms you don’t know,

you can also search urban dictionary online to decipher what they’re saying but trying to keep from you.


Lowkey = expressing interest or intent while at the same time being dismissive about the subject.

Facts = Used in response to a point well-made. E.g., Person 1: “This school is wack!” Person 2: “Facts.”

Fake = The ultimate insult; an adjective describing someone who has a fake persona, lies a lot, talks behind people’s backs, and pretends to be your friend but secretly doesn’t like you.

Fam = Used to describe those you consider family.

Fire = Describes something that is really good or cool.

Glow-Up = A transformation of one’s appearance, usually from unattractive to very attractive.

Goals = A term used to describe what someone wants in their life (i.e., “Couple goals, squad goals”).

HMU = An acronym for “hit me up,” which could refer to hanging out, texting, or talking on the phone.

I’m Dead (or just “Dead”) = A reaction to someone being funny. A replacement for LMAO.

Lit = When something is amazing or popping.

Mood = Used in lieu of “same here;” relatable; summing up one’s life.

Salty = Being upset over something little or inconvenient.

Slide Into Their DMs = A phrase used to signify that one wants to send a flirtatious message over social media.

Snacc = An attractive person; someone that looks so good that you want to eat them for a snack. Related: The phrase “full-course meal” was derived from “snacc” —it refers to an upgrade.

Squad = One’s group of friends.

Tea/Goss = The scoop or gossip. “Spill the tea.”

Body Count = How many people you have had sex with.

Sus = Suspicious (From the game Among Us)

Thicc = Pleasantly plump; curvy in the right places.

Wack = Negative term meaning “that sucks.”

Woke = Describes someone who’s deep or intellectually enlightened.

Salt Nic / 50 Nic = The newest most potent vape juice that contains 50mg of Nicotine. 10x more nicotine than a cigarette (depending on the data you look at). I have found data showing cigarettes contain between 1mg-16mg of nicotine.

Mod Box = Older generation vape devices which are larger and produce quite a bit of smoke. Usually have removable batteries that come out the bottom.

Dab Pens = Similar to a vape device except used to smoke concentrated illegal substances such as highly potent marijuana wax. Dab pens are usually round as opposed to vape devices which are normally square although not always.

Ghosting = letting out vape smoke very slowly so no one notices you are vaping. This is usually done in class so the teacher does not see you are smoking in their class. Old definition of Ghosting was abandoning your friendship with someone and pretending they don’t exist.

Nicotine-free Vape Juice = Very illusive almost mythical liquid that many parents seem to think their kids are smoking in every vape device. Out of more than 150 dealings with vapes in the last year I have never seen a kid have nicotine free vape juice.

CCC / Triple C = Coricidin (Cough Medicine). This is why more and more cough medicines are behind the counter.

Snowflake Emoji = Cocaine

Diamond Emoji = Crystal Meth

X or MDMA = Ecstasy

Lean = Homemade alcohol consisting of Sierra Mist, Orange Starbursts, and cough syrup. Popular with middle and high school kids.

Plug = Drug dealer. (Anyone have any acid or shroom plugs?)

Halfie = Already been smoked cigarette. Teens pick up halfies in the apartment complex under balconies where people smoke. They also go through the ash tray at the convenience store.

Smash = To have sex with.

Netflix and Chill = Come over and have casual no strings attached sex.

Pressie = Homemade Rx drugs. Teens have a pill press and order chemicals from China to make their own Norco or Adderall pills.

HMU = Hit me up. HMU to buy a JUUL (vape device) for $15. Twenty-one-year-olds buy Juuls for $20 and sell them to underage kids for $30.

Hydros = Hydrocodone Pills.

Bars/Xans/Xanneys = Xanex Pills, Yellow School busses are Yellow Xanex pills. $10 dollars a pill is the going price.

Dro = Marijuana smoking device where they submerge half a plastic bottle in water to have a condensed smoke marijuana hit.

Cids = Acid Tabs. Similar to 60’s era acid (Hallucinogenic) only much more potent. $10 dollars per acid tab is the going price. These are very easy to hide as they are the thickness of a postage stamp.

Concentrates = High THC marijuana products such as shatter and dabs. Made by boiling down marijuana with some easily found on-line recipes.

Edibles = Marijuana baked into lots of edible treats such as brownies, Rice Krispies, and many other snacks.

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