Middle School Leadership Camp!

For more information and to download the permission slip: Middle School Leadership Day Permission Form and Waiver (4)


Middle School Leadership Day Agenda (as of 10/4/17)

Thursday, October 19, 2017 from 9am-4pm

8:45-9:15 Arrival, break into teams, nametags, follow us on instagram to win a prize

  • Have some ice breaker/teambuilding type games going on for while kids are waiting to start
  • Find someone who ____ BINGO

9:15-9:50 Introductions and then lead to High Schoolers talking about Pure Performance

  • Reading Rachel, etc.
  • Explain what Pure Performance is, what is done at meetings, when we’re meeting at the various schools
  • Why are the high schoolers committed to this?
  • How does being healthy help you?
  • Fun, monthly activities

9:50-10:20 Ice Breakers

  • Birthday line up
  • Speed friending/Questions that Bryana has
  • Communication game-discuss it afterward
  • Island game

10:20-10:25 Snack

10:25-10:55 Trivia

  • Some fun questions, some educational questions
  • Teams

10:55-11:05 Overview of Sections (Ted talk, posters, relays, minute to win it), including posters

11:05-11:50 Section 1 (20 min each with transition time in between)

  • Posters: Healthy quotes to hang up at school/maybe on social media
  • Relays: Human Knot, Alaskan Baseball, hula hoops around the circle

11:50-12:10 Lunch

12:10-12:55 Speaker-Curtis Grevenitz (Finish up lunch if necessary)

  • Talking about life goals
  • Leadership

12:55-1:10 Natural High Video

  • Discussion questions
  • What do you do instead?

1:10-2:05 Dodgeball Tournament/Ships and Shores (majority rule on 2nd game of

dodgeball or ships and shores)

2:05-2:25 Q&A with High School Students

2:25-2:40 Big Group Relays

  • Just one word, exercise ball across the gym

2:40-2:45 Snack

2:45-3:30 Section 2 (20 min each with transition time in between)

  • Ted Talk-on leadership with discussion questions
  • Minute to Win it Games

3:30-4:00 Kid President Video, Instagram Drawing, wrap up, what do you want to see in Pure Performance? What about in monthly activities?

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