Halloween Bash! Volunteers needed.


What: Halloween Fun Fest


Where: Helena Family YMCA

        1200 North Last Chance


When: Sunday, October 27th

        1 pm-4 pm


Watch our commercial here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktpGOkRe55c

Click here to see the flyer: HALLOWEEN_POSTERpdf


Volunteers needed for 1 hour slots or more. See below for volunteer needs and/or call or email Nicole to sign up at 444-6936 or [email protected]


Night before decoration and set up crew 6pm-9pm (10 volunteers needed)

Set up crew 11am-1pm (5 volunteers needed)

Game crew 12:30-4pm (20 volunteers to manage games and hand out treats)

Break down crew 4pm-5pm (10 people)

Again you can come for 1 hour or stay for the entire slot.

 Game Descriptions

Bounce House- 2 Volunteers are needed at all times. If there is nice weather there will be a blow up obstacle course outside. If there is bad weather, there will be a normal bounce house inside. The volunteer is to monitor the children, making sure they are playing safely and making sure there are not too many kids inside the bounce house at one time.

Cake Walk- 2 Volunteers are needed at all times. There will be numbers on the floor and a child will each stand on a number. The volunteer will play some music and the children will walk in a circle. When the volunteer stops the music, the children will stop walking. The volunteer will pull a number and the child standing on that number wins a baked good. Children can continue to play as many times as they want. If there is a line, and a child wants to keep playing they will need to get back in line.

Tombstone Bowling- 2 volunteers are needed for this at all times. One volunteer will be at the end, setting the mini tombstones up once they are knocked down. The other volunteer will be handing the child the ball to bowl with. They can get 2 or 3 chances. Each kid gets a prize at the end.

Pumpkin Toss- 2 volunteers are needed for this at all times. There is a large wooden cutout of a pumpkin. One volunteer will stand beside/behind it in order to get the items that are tossed. The other volunteer will stand by the child and hand them the items to toss. Each kid gets a prize when they are done.

Cup Knock Down- 2 volunteers are needed for this at all times. One volunteer will stand by the cups and stack them. The other volunteer will stand by the child handing them the items to throw. The kids throw the object trying to knock down all the cups. The kids get 2 chances. Each kid gets a prize when they are done.

Pin the Nose On the Alien- There is a drawing of an alien that will be on one of the walls. There are also cutouts of eyeballs. The volunteer will cover the child’s eyes with a scarf. The child will be given the eyeball and they will try to get them on the alien. Each child gets a prize when they are done.

Plinko- There is a wooden plinko board for this. The volunteer will make sure there is a prize in each slot at the bottom of the board. The child drops an object down the board and wins the prize that is in whichever slot the object lands in.

Craft Table- 2 Volunteers are needed at all times. We will have a coloring and craft table set up. The volunteers will help kids with the crafts, if needed. The crafts are a picture frame and the black paper that when scratched changes colors. Volunteers can also make some crafts too!

Rubber Ducks Guessing Game- We have some rubber ducks that are dressed up for Halloween! They will be in a small amount of water. A few of the ducks will have a colored bottom. Each child can pick 3 times.  If the child picks the duck with the colored bottom, they win a prize.

Ghost “dart” board-2 Volunteers are needed at all times. Children will throw Velcro balls at a ghost with a Velcro target on his tummy. Each child gets 4 balls and will win a treat or prize after his/her turn.

Photo Area- There will be a background on the wall for people to take pictures in front of. There will also be props set out such as cutouts of sunglasses, mustaches, and speech bubbles to use. People will have to use their own cameras/phones to take pictures with. The volunteer will help take pictures for anyone that needs it. Volunteers can also have fun with the photo area if there is nobody else in line!


The overarching goal of this event is to create awareness of the Montana Children’s Trust Fund and our mission.

Through community-based efforts the Montana Children’s Trust Fund is working to prevent child abuse and neglect statewide as well as strengthen and support families. We provide funding to primary prevention and education programs across Montana. We believe that Montana’s children are the state’s greatest assets. Today’s children are the leaders of tomorrow. We hold their future in our hands, and our future is in their hands.

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