Getting to Know Sylvia Miller


  1. Who inspires you: Nature
  2. Best gift ever given? Santa Cruz Mountain Bike 🤙
  3. Your motto: Just be nice
  4. Favorite sport: not a big sports gal, but I do enjoy going to baseball games
  5. Favorite day of the year: Christmas Eve. 
  6. I can’t start my day until…I have my espresso!
  7. Something interesting about you: I moved to the US from Poland when I was 6 and became a citizen at 21.
  8. Pet Peeve: rude people
  9. I’ve never seen…bigfoot
  10. Nickname: don’t have one
  11. I really want to learn more about: other cultures and religions
  12. Something from your bucket list: French Polynesia 
  13. Guilty pleasure: buttered toast
  14. I wish I could…snowboard, bake well, crochet
  15. What are you really good at: cooking 
  16. What did you used to be able to do? Not be so worried about getting physically injured when playing outside
  17. Dream job: owning and running an animal sanctuary farm, with endless resources 
  18. Something you’re most proud of: Right now, most proud of Luke for following his coffee roasting dreams! 
  19. Spare time activity: hiking and fly fishing with the pups…probably why I don’t catch any fish
  20. What do you wish you were better at: baking, but I’m practicing!
  21. Who have you learned the most from? My dad and Luke…but let’s not tell either of them
  22. Something no one would believe about you: I’m not that interesting
  23. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be: everyone would be kind
  24. What are you learning right now? how to bake a good bread and about coffee bean farming
  25. What could you not live without: being able to access nature

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