Fall in Love With Reading

Prevention Specialist, Beth Regan, hosted a Horse Powered Reading “Fall in Love with Reading” Open House on November 5th at the fairgrounds.  Often social-emotional issues, ADHD, anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns get in the way of student learning.  Horse Powered Reading along with Equine-Assisted Learning can break through those challenges giving youth a chance to learn or reinforce reading and other academic skills.  Equine-Assisted Learning programs can significantly improve communication, self-esteem, empathy, tolerance for stress, resiliency, problem solving skills, responsibility, teamwork, leadership skills, trust and interpersonal relationships.

Hands-on experiences with horses help people  discover strengths, experience their own solutions and apply new behavior which creates long-lasting results.

We had a lot of wonderful volunteers, including students, teaching staff and our local library that all came together to provide this event for the youth in our community.

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