CTC Moving Forward in Montana

Here are some updates on the work that CTC coordinators are accomplishing across the state.

Anaconda/Deer Lodge County (ADLC) – is examining similarities between several prevention efforts in the community to move towards launching the Community Board Orientation.

Custer County held a very successful Key Leader Orientation at the beginning of January and are gearing up for the Community Board Orientation to kick off the end of February.

Lewis and Clark County is getting ready to launch Phase 3 with Session 1 of the Community Action Workshop this week, and Key Leaders are starting to examine sustainability options.

Park County has selected five priority risk factors and their Community Action Workshop report is finished.  They’re presenting this to the coalition on January 31st to vote on approving the priorities, then they’ll kick off the second part of Phase 3 next week.

Yellowstone County is about to kick off the Community Action Workshop for Phase 3.

Lincoln County is officially in Phase 5 of CTC and beginning work on implementation, evaluation, and sustainability.

Flathead County recently approved their community’s priorities and are preparing for the Community Resource Assessment Workshop to begin in February to identify tested and effective programs, policies, and practices to implement. They also have wrapped up the Youth Aware of Mental Health pilot effort in a handful of schools across the County and are now preparing for next steps to expand in additional schools.

Butte Silver Bow also recently approved their priorities and are preparing for the Community Resource Assessment Workshop to begin in February.

Madison County is hard at work in Phase 4 working on their Community Action Plan.

Rocky Boy is sustaining and the Rocky Boy Health Center team has become a great home for this important work and their efforts in crafting their Community Action Plan is empowering and impactful with solid, data-driven decisions being made.

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