Create a Contract With Your Teen

The Partnership for Drug Free America offers this helpful tool to reducing the risk of teen drug use:
As a dad, I know firsthand that it’s not always easy to talk to kids about anything, let alone drugs and alcohol. The conversation can go downhill quickly. But making sure your kids know your expectations when it comes to substance abuse is important. It could serve as a critical prevention tool.
To help me start my conversation with my own teenage son, I decided to put the details of our discussions about drugs and alcohol into writing. By signing a contract, my son promised to stay safe, avoid drugs and alcohol and be open and honest with me. This wasn’t one-sided, however: I promised to support him, listen to him and help keep him safe.

Our written contract became an incredibly useful tool for my family. Your own agreement can contain whatever terms you’d like. When you set boundaries and expectations when it comes to drugs and alcohol, and educate teens about the dangers of this behavior, 
they will be much less likely to use in the first place.

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