Amber Hurt Honored

Amber pictured with NC TA Jenny Fuller (left)

Amber has been a Montana Prevention Specialist since we were able to expand services for Block Grant in the spring of 2022. Amber has been subcontracted for Alliance for Youth through the Chouteau County Health Department and splits her time between Prevention and working as Paramedic Manager for the Fort Benton and Geraldine ambulance crews. Outside of her incredible work supporting her county and community, Amber is mother to three wild and wonderful little boys. 

As a community first responder, Amber is able to comfortably interact with community law enforcement and meet their needs, and as an employee of the county, she is able to create space and work effectively with County Commissioners and other county agencies. The result of her collaborations is seen in her innovative and successful activities and partnerships. From schools to Extension to restaurants, to law enforcement and fire departments and rescue services and everything in between, Amber finds a way to promote prevention messaging, provide supportive services and act as a role model for those around her.

Amber sits quietly, moving all the pieces and connecting all of the dots. Our North Central Prevention Specialists are all the very most wonderful of folks. This recognition should not be seen as an attempt to put one above the others, but truly to highlight the silent hero among us. We are all better, because you are here. And Happy Birthday Week!!!

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