A Conversation with Lisa

  1. Who inspires you:  My family and my 101 year old grandma.
  2. Best gift ever given?  A bicycle from one of my sons for my birthday.
  3. Your motto: Be respectful and kind to all.
  4. Favorite sport:  Baseball
  5. Favorite day of the year: All summer days
  6. I can’t start my day until… Have my coffee and make my bed..
  7. Something interesting about you:  I have 4 grandsons, 3 of which are triplets.
  8. Pet Peeve:  Crazy drivers.
  9. I’ve never seen…the Grand Canyon
  10. Nickname:  Lis
  11. I really want to learn more about:  All things computer.
  12. Something from your bucket list:  Attend more music concerts.
  13. Guilty pleasure: Floating in my pool on hot sunny days.
  14. I wish I could…Travel more!
  15. What are you really good at : Cooking
  16. What did you used to be able to do?  Crossfit
  17. Dream job-  I have a dream job at the present time!
  18. Something you’re most proud of:  My grandsons
  19. Spare time activity: Jeep cruising in the country
  20. What do you wish you were better at:  Computer Skills.
  21. Who have you learned the most from?  My grandma
  22. Something no one would believe about you:  I can drive a stick shift vehicle.
  23. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be: If I could change one thing it would be how the country and healthcare systems are run.
  24. What are you learning right now?  New work processes.
  25. What could you not live without?  My cell phone

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