A Conversation with Dawn Ries

Dawn Ries, BG Granite/Powell

  1. Who inspires you? So many people. My best friends who I have watched turn tragedy into growth. My father, who taught me how to do most of the things I know, and not be afraid to get my hands dirty and do things myself.
  2. Best gift ever given? All of the drawings and art projects from my kids.
  3. Your motto: Don’t ask someone “How are you” if you aren’t able or willing to listen to the actual answer.
  4. Favorite sport: Baseball. Go Boston!
  5. Favorite day of the year: I don’t really have a favorite day. I tend to look forward to the nice sunny warm ones now though, lol.
  6. I can’t start my day until… I snuggle my cat. She wakes me up by standing on top of me until she gets her attention.
  7. Something interesting about you:  There is nothing super interesting about me, I’m just a plain ol’ Jane.
  8. Pet Peeve: People lol
  9. I’ve never seen… An ambulance getting gas… a baby pigeon… another customer in a mattress store…
  10. Nickname: Dawnatello. My kids and their friends started this. Coincidentally, he was my favorite ninja turtle when I was growing up.
  11. I really want to learn more about: Everything I can.
  12. Something from your bucket list: Traveling more. I want to explore.
  13. Guilty pleasure: Binge watching tv shows all at once. I can’t stand starting something with multiple seasons and not watching it all as fast as possible.
  14. I wish I could… Play an instrument. I tried learning but I just can’t read music or get fingers to do what I want them to do.
  15. What are you really good at: Listening.
  16. What did you used to be able to do? Remember things. Run. Almost never miss a three pointer.
  17. Dream job: The job doesn’t matter as long as I felt I was accomplishing something and it was rewarding.
  18. Spare time activity: Spending time with my family.
  19. What do you wish you were better at: Speaking. I used to be decent at it but now my brain gets all frazzled and I panic and go blank.
  20. Who have you learned the most from? Jordan Peterson and my father.
  21. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be: The way people interact. I would like to see everyone treat each other with kindness and truthfulness.
  22. What are you learning right now? Studying to get my certification.
  23. What could you not live without: Sarcasm, laughter

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