A Conversation with Brittany Masters

  1. Tell us about your family and fur babies: My handsome husband and I have 3 of the coolest kiddos on the planet. Our oldest is a sophomore in high school, and the two youngest are the sweetest set of “Irish twins” who will start kindergarten in the fall. We have one special doggo named Lux.
  2. What do you listen to in the car: Music, chatterboxes in the back seat, the sweet sound of silence… 
  3. Your favorite places to vacation: Thus far: Hotel del Coronado.
  4. Favorite down-time activities: Hmmm..Living life with my sweet babes.. All outdoor things.. Montana gal- HARD..otherdays: writing, painting, designing, and napping in the sun.
  5. Top 3 things on your bucket list: 1. Write/publish a book 2. Watch the Northern Lights with my own eyeballs in Iceland. 3. Own an original Simon Bull art piece.
  6. Work pet peeves: Not sharing an office with my partner in crime, having the heat in the building jacked to 112 degrees, donuts not being brought in by management every Monday morning…
  7. Your first job: I worked at the most tasty & special Italian restaurant (at the time) in all of Butte, MT… Spaghettini’s… (IYKYK)
  8. Something you absolutely would never do: Trick Question
  9. Your dream job (if you had the skills): It’s ALWAYS been my goal to work with people in order to create healthier humans. In the 6th grade I made business cards for people to contact me who needed to help with various things. I’ve never stopped finding ways to pour into others, and this job has been nothing short of giving me that opportunity; perhaps just in a more sustainable manner.
  10. Favorite classes in school: Younger days: Art, English, Physics, College: Behavioral, Cognitive, & Positive Psychology
  11. Special skill – something you’re good at/enjoy: Lucid Dreaming, painting, and writing
  12. Favorite podcasts: Joe Rogen, Jordan B. Peterson, The Mel Robbins Podcast, StarTalk-Neil Degrasse Tyson
  13. Any phobias? The idea of anything negative happening to my children.

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