School Counselors:

Each school has at least one counselor assigned to your child. This counselor should be your first point of contact for issues that may arise for your child during the school year. They have other in-school resources available should your child need additional assistance.


4 Georgians Elementary School: Elizabeth Marshall 324-1321

Broadwater Elementary School: Linda Safty Unsworth 324-1124

Bryant Elementary School: Pam Campbell 324-1196

Central Elementary School: Shannon Chapman 324-1240

Hawthorne Elementary School: Linda Safty Unsworth 324-1370/Amanda Simonson 324-1370

Jefferson Elementary School: Amanda Simonson 324-1677

Jim Darcy Elementary School: Micah Kemper 324-1414/ Iris Ziegler 324-1414

Kessler Elementary School: Micah Kemper 324-1677

Rossiter Elementary School: Helen Fee 324-1486

Smith Elementary School: Iris Ziegler 324-1526

Warren School: Pam Campbell 324-1613/ Shannon Chapman 324-1613



CR Anderson Middle School: Mary Anderson 324-2763

Mark McCauley 324-2762

Ron Silvers 324-2764

Helena Middle School: Jim McGrane 324-1014 Sara Burg 324-1013



Capital High School: Jeramie Robinson 324-2493 Carol Perisho 324-2491

Jamie Bawden 324-2492 Chance Ferlicka 324-2490

Helena High School: Kathryn Miller 324-2227 Shane Dempsey 324-2224

Christina Murgel 324-2223 Jason Murgel 324-2226

Project for Alternative Learning: Heidi Opitz 324-1650