You know your child could benefit from mental health supports, but are struggling to figure out the finances? We can help. Contact your child’s school counselor to start the process.You may be eligible for up to $1,300 in financial assistance to get your child connected with community based mental health services. Please see the following program guidelines to learn more:
Guidelines for Referral and Access to
Community Mental Health Assessment and Treatment Stipend Dollars

Guidelines for Providers Receiving Stipend Dollars:

  • Licensed Mental Health Provider participating on the Helena Consented Referral System (L.C.P.C., L.C.S.W., or PhD).
  • Utilize Release of Information form (ROI) and Consented Referral System developed under the Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative.
  • Use of DSM IV diagnostic criteria.
  • A member of the school A-Team will secure ROI for the consented referral system at time of referral and notify Provider of referral by using the Consented Referral System.
  • Provider will maintain communication with referring person on a need to know basis.
  • Maximum cap of $1,300 per student per school year to serve as “bridge” money until other payment sources are accessed for counseling services. Additional $1,300 in funds may be applied for to be used for services to accompany counseling including psychiatry or psychology services. This application must be made through the community mental health provider using the existing fund request form.
  • Stipends cannot be used for existing balances or to supplement Medicaid.
  • Stipends will only be used to cover out of pocket expenses as documented on client’s EOB.
  • Provider will bill private insurance first to ensure family receives benefit for out of pocket expenses.

Guidelines for Families Accessing Outpatient Treatment Dollars:

  • Student must be currently enrolled in Helena School District.
  • Provider must be participating in the Stipend Program and Helena Consented Referral System.
  • Initial referral must come from a member of the school’s A-Team.
  • Parent/Guardian must sign the Release of Information between the Helena School District and Provider.
  • Provider will update referral information via Consented Referral System when:
    • Contact is made
    • Student doesn’t show for scheduled appointment
    • Services are completed
  • Provider will maintain communication with referring person on a need to know basis.
  • All other payment options must be requested if applicable (Healthy MT Kids, Healthy MT Kids Plus, Medicaid, insurance).
  • Stipend funds may be utilized to receive services while authorization by other payment sources is pending or to pay for services not covered by other payment sources (insurance co-pays, deductibles) up to $1,300 cap per child per school year.