Teens abuse prescription drugs for a number of reasons, such as to get high, to stop pain, or because they think it will help them with school work. Don’t let yourself become part of this dangerous trend. Keep yourself safe. Never take someone else’s prescription medicine.

A doctor prescribed them so they must be safe, right?
Wrong, actually, many drugs prescribed by doctors can be dangerous if taken wrong or abused.
• Always follow health care provider’s instructions.
• Taking more than the prescribed amount can lead to an overdose.
• People who overdose may vomit or even fall into a coma.
• Serious side effects occur from mixing prescription drugs with other medicines, over-the-counter drugs, or alcohol.

Why Do Drugs Make People Do Odd Things?
• Drugs alter your perceptions and your judgment.
• Some make you overconfident, others decrease your ability to pay attention to the things going on around you — like seeing a red light while driving.
• Other drugs, like LSD, can change your perceptions so much that you can’t recognize people and things in your environment at all.

How Do You Avoid Drugs and Still Be Cool at Parties?

The cool crowds are the people who appreciate you for who you are, not for what you do or don’t do.
• Find friends who don’t need drugs to party.
• Check out who’ll be at a party and what the plans are before you commit to something that may turn out to be an awkward situation for you.

How Can I Protect Myself From Being Given Drugs Without Knowing It?
• Don’t accept beverages from other people and don’t share.
• Open your own bottles and cans and keep your beverage with you at all times.
• Avoid punch bowls or other common, open containers.
• Don’t drink anything that tastes or smells strange. Sometimes, GHB (date rape drug) tastes salty.
• If you realize you left your beverage unattended, pour it out and get a new one.
• If you feel drunk even though you haven’t had any alcohol, or you feel strange in any other way, get help immediately.

Here are some great resources to help you stay safe.
NIDA for teens

NIDA for Teens: The Science Behind Drug Abuse—Prescription Drug Abuse
National Institute on Drug Abuse

Above the Influence – Drug Facts

Youth.gov – Substance Abuse Prevention

Smart Recovery – Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction

Helping Others Live Sober

GenerationRx – Safe Medication Practices for Life
Elementary Student Resources
Teen Resources
University Resources

Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator

Using Drugs to Deal with Stress and Trauma – A Reality Check for Teens

Your Life, Your Voice – Ways to get help

Drug Watch – Info about/for Youth and College Students

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