In addition to financial support, Youth Connections is in need of the following donations for programs that help keep kids drug and alcohol-free. We would greatly accept your time, talent, and treasure. Thank you!

Printing services

Accounting services

Copy Paper

Postage Stamps

Healthy Snacks for kids – popcorn, pretzels, cases of water, cheese sticks, granola bars, individually bagged nuts, cuties, cheese/cracker packs, real fruit leather/snacks, veggie trays, fresh fruit, etc. Please check with us before donating perishable items to make sure we have an event planned where they can be used.

Prizes – gift cards from local businesses (cannot be a business that sells alcohol or tobacco). For example: movie theatre, ice cream, sporting goods store, hobby store, games store, pizza, sandwiches, coffee, healthy activities – swim pass, Stonetree Climbing, golf, YMCA day pass, etc. Other prizes – nice water bottles, MSU/UM/Carroll apparel, head phones, ball caps, etc.

Gas card for our Americorp VISTA

Printer Cartridges – please call to inquire about make/model (324-1032)

Middle School Scholarships for activities – ballet, dance, music lessons, camps, athletic teams, Grandstreet, etc. These would be available for students who may be headed down the wrong path and need to get involved in a positive activity but where finances are a barrier. (Teacher/counselor recommended)

Advertising – to run PSAs or make the community aware of events we have planned